There’s nothing like playing live, and I give my all to every gig, no matter how big or small. I can go from dynamic frontman to efficient ensemble player or to whatever else is needed. Expect high energy performance, solid instrumental work and pitch-perfect vocals to suit any band, song or venue. See you on stage!

Current projects:
  • Marshall’s Roadshow (2023-): Vocals, bass, lead guitar, backing tracks. Solo entertainment package for pubs, clubs, private events.
  • Fox And The Hounds (2021-): Bass, lead vocals, band leader. Roaming acoustic function band.
  • Special Moves Collective (2020-): Director, bass, guitar, vocals. Deluxe function band. 
  • Chip Shop Boys (2018-): Bass, vocals, guitar, keyboards. Premier pop/rock functions.


Over 15 years, I have played a long list of musical roles such as bass player, lead guitarist, lead vocalist, songwriter, musical director, vocal coach and more. I have worked across the UK in cover bands, tribute bands, original bands, depping and in theatre covering a broad range of styles. Here’s a taste of what I offer!

Marshall’s Roadshow (2023):


Fox And The Hounds (2021):

Special Moves Collective (2020):


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