2022: The year that Was so much that it Wasn’t.

Ok so it’s been a while, so to make things less weird, here’s an interview with an imaginary person I just made up. His name is…irrelevant. Where have you been? Pretty much everywhere except the internet. Keeping up with the day job, gig work, being a husband and dad. You know, not much… What happened?Continue reading “2022: The year that Was so much that it Wasn’t.”

May 2022: Gig Day Intensifies

LIVE WORK Take a deep breath… This is where things really hot up. Between now and October, every week is centred around those mad dashes across the country in the name of entertainment. Some weeks, I’ll know where I’m going, what I’m playing, and all the harmonies in the world. Others, I will know toContinue reading “May 2022: Gig Day Intensifies”

The Concert, or as they say in French…Le Concert

SESSION WORK “What, no PA?” – this month saw the return of roaming gigs. To the uninitiated, roaming gigs are totally a totally acoustic affair. Not like Clapton’s definition of unplugged. I’m talking no wires, no PA, no mics, no nothing! If you want to turn it up, you hit the bass harder and braceContinue reading “The Concert, or as they say in French…Le Concert”

March 2022: Taking the Lead (aka To Shred or Not To Shred)

Well then. Here’s my round-up of my musical exploits in March. SESSION WORK: I’ve played many instruments and had many roles in many bands. One I don’t frequent is one I found myself at the helm of this month…LEAD GUITAR. Gasp. I’d never considered myself a lead guitarist, I tend to leave that to theContinue reading “March 2022: Taking the Lead (aka To Shred or Not To Shred)”