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March 2022: Taking the Lead (aka To Shred or Not To Shred)

Well then. Here’s my round-up of my musical exploits in March. SESSION WORK: I’ve played many instruments and had many roles in many bands. One I don’t frequent is one I found myself at the helm of this month…LEAD GUITAR. Gasp. I’d never considered myself a lead guitarist, I tend to leave that to theContinue reading “March 2022: Taking the Lead (aka To Shred or Not To Shred)”


Well, here it is – blog post zero! I’ll be posting here monthly with news of what I’ve been up with musically.  “But I’m following you on Facebook, Instagram, bandcamp, YouTube and Vine (because it’s still 2014 somewhere). So why a blog, and why should I subscribe to it? Your feed is FULL – there’sContinue reading “HERE WE GO THEN…”

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