I am a self-taught, self improving musician from Oxfordshire. I have been building my experience across a long list of musical roles such as bass player, lead guitarist, lead vocalist, songwriter, musical director, vocal coach and more.
I am dedicated to giving audiences the best show. I bring energy, enthusiasm and experience to every project I am part of.
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  • I have been playing bass for 15 years, and actively gigging for 11. I have performed across the UK and in Europe.
  • I have experience playing in cover bands, original bands, depping and in theatre covering a broad range of styles.
  • I have experience as a frontman, band leader and Musical Director in bands and theatre.


  • I have a professional attitude to my work and have strong interpersonal skills.
  • I have a home studio setup to do production work and remote sessions.
  • I have my own transport.
  • I have a full professional rig designable to suit a wide variety of projects.
  • I play four and five string, fretted and fretless bass.
  • I have perfect pitch and learn quickly by ear.
  • I can read music and charts.
  • I can sing lead and backing vocals to a high standard in many styles.
  • I can arrange harmonies for instruments and vocals.
  • I can write and translate lyrics.
  • I also play acoustic and electric guitar and keyboards.