2022: The year that Was so much that it Wasn’t.

Ok so it’s been a while, so to make things less weird, here’s an interview with an imaginary person I just made up. His name is…irrelevant.

Where have you been?

Pretty much everywhere except the internet. Keeping up with the day job, gig work, being a husband and dad. You know, not much…

What happened?

Remember when I said June 2022 was going to be the most musical month of my life to date? Well, after a record number of gigs, squeezing in going to see Queen + Adam Lambert, Jacob Collier and a two-day, double Red Hot Chili Peppers marathon, I was pretty done in. 

But then the rest of the events season happened, so I kept going. And going. And going. And eventually I burnt out. The internet tells us we should be making it look like our whole life is one big highlight reel, but I just had to get off the train for a little while. Obviously, life went on, I kept working, gigging and all that jazz, I just stopped the cycle of endless online reporting that people in creative industries are expected to do. To say I was exhausted was the understatement of the year.

Are you ok now?

Yes! Rest is maximally underrated. Society thrives on people being exhausted (because tired people buy more things), but if you don’t want the house to keep winning, the answer is simple: don’t play. I just needed a bit of a detox and to focus on the important stuff, ie: not the internet.

What happens going forward?

Much the same but before I commit myself to new musical endeavours, remind myself:

  1. Does it work towards my goals?
  2. Will it bring me joy?
  3. Anything that’s purely for Internet Points is a big old NOPE.

Give us a music pick before you go?

Sure – Three of my favourite artists right now, in perfect musical sync. Some seriously beautiful vocal and guitar work from all three of them.

For your visual delectation, here are some memories from the busiest six months of my life, musical or otherwise!

Normal service resuming forthwith…maybe.

Marshall out.

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