May 2022: Gig Day Intensifies


Take a deep breath…

This is where things really hot up. Between now and October, every week is centred around those mad dashes across the country in the name of entertainment. Some weeks, I’ll know where I’m going, what I’m playing, and all the harmonies in the world. Others, I will know to play I, IV, V and that’s all. And that’s ok! Life, both musical and otherwise, is busier than it’s ever been for everyone. So long as musical magic happens and people are entertained, the world will keep turning. One thing’s for sure though – in all the busy chaos, once that first beat hits and the first chord drops, everything makes sense.

Have we met?

I’m lucky enough to play with several bands regularly. Each of these bands is like a family in its own way. But as a freelancer, sometimes I find myself in a situation where the band are all total strangers to each other. You meet everyone for the first time, and before you know it you’re not only making music together – you’re making it sound like you’ve always made music together. The first few times it happens can feel a little bit like hanging on to a high speed train, but each time you learn to roll with the unpredictable a little bit more. Trading musical energy with people feels like alchemy…whether you’ve known them 10 years or 10 minutes.


If you pay attention to my socials, you’ll notice that there’s a whole lot more than just bass going on. Sure, bass will always be my number 1, but when the guitar and keyboard gigs come a-knocking, who am I to deny the call? Every opportunity to get to make music with high-calibre musicians is too good an opportunity to be missed. But why not just wait for more bass gigs? Well, these days, musicians (like everyone) have to be more adaptable than ever. So if a musical chameleon is what I need to be in a post-pandemic world, then I will transform into whatever I need to be. As is the case with nearly every project and plan, nothing ever ends up the way it starts – and this ride is far from ending up. There’s plenty more bass in them hills – and everything else too!


With all the live work going on this month, unsurprisingly my own material is taking a back seat. But instead, I’m planning a studio overhaul for an exciting new phase of music working – watch this space!


Cory Wong is a powerhouse of creativity. I first got into him through Vulfpeck, and if you don’t know them you have some SERIOUS homework to do. In the Vulf material he cuts some majorly funky moves, but in his own material it’s on another plane entirely. He has assembled the tightest, funkiest, funnest band around these days – just check out that horn section. Cory Wong and his band really do have something for everyone, and this show proves it. Frankly, it’s Cory Wong’s world and I’m just happy to live in it.


Not new, but I’m obsessed with this beautiful acoustic rendition of a Mayer classic. Who knew that two acoustic guitars could make such a huge sound!

The next few months are going to be crazy, but when it’s this much music…crazy is good!


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