Well, here it is – blog post zero!

I’ll be posting here monthly with news of what I’ve been up with musically. 

“But I’m following you on Facebook, Instagram, bandcamp, YouTube and Vine (because it’s still 2014 somewhere). So why a blog, and why should I subscribe to it?

  1. Your feed is FULL – there’s all the news from your friends about their gardening, banana bread making and political screeching, wailing and/or gnashing of teeth. There’s the pages you liked ten years ago that now just try and get you to buy fake raybans. There’s the pages you didn’t even subscribe to, but the algorithm decided you want to see top down videos of people cooking things with lots of cheese. So how often do you see posts from the bands and artists you like? Not enough. We’re being crowded out by people arguing about whether Joe Rogan is an acceptable pizza topping, and the algorithm accidentally telling you it already knows what you’re thinking. So if you want to cut out all the internet fluff, subscribe to the blog.
  2. This is the Behind The Scenes…of THE FUTURE. Being realistic, not everything I do ends up on the internet. Some things never even make it out of Marshall Studios. Sure, I’ve got social media, YouTube and all, BUT…they mostly talk about what’s already happened. This blog will be my way of giving you the sneak preview of everything Marshall Music. If I’m doing a public show, or if I’m going to put a new track out, I’ll write about it HERE. You’ll get the earliest previews of my original music too!
  3. Life is just too busy – like everyone these days, I’m juggling many many roles across my professional and personal lives. The blog is a way of updating you on my musical journey when I’m wearing too many of these different hats at once!

Those of you who have followed me for a while will know I’m involved in quite a few different projects, so this blog is also a neat way of keeping up on all of them at once!

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Bass player from the UK

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